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What is the Partner Program?

A Tested And Proven Product

The Credit Repair Intelligence System (formerly the Credit Secrets Bible) has been around since 1994. Tens of thousands of consumers have used it to build, repair, and rebuild their credit. Over the years it has been kept up-to-date and will see some major updates soon!

Turn "No's & "DIYers" Into Profit Centers

As a credit repair company you have leads that you paid for that flat out say NO! or that they want to try it themselves. Be able to offer them a new option!

We Handle Tech and Customer Support

Let us handle fulfillment, technical support of the forum and dispute generator, and customer support so that you can continue to market to focus on clients and leads that really matter.

What Levels Of Partner Are There?

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Become A Green Partner

Green partners make 25% in commissions and only have to make 1 sale per calendar year to keep their status. In addition, all our Green Partners get basic marketing materials like some headline and subject line examples and full partner portal to track all of their links and commissions!

Become A Gold Partner

Gold Partners make 35% commissions and have to make 2 sales per calendar year to stay Gold. Gold Partners also get more marketing materials like landing page examples and custom marketing materials like VSLs that are custom made by our team for your brand! 

See How Much Its Helping Others Just Like You

Since joining CR Publishing, it has made a HUGE difference in my business! The forums have been a great tool for me to learn what other businesses are doing in the industry. Platinum Partner, Willie Snead- Palm Beach FL

Become A Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners make 45% commissions and have to make 3 sales per calendar year to stay Platinum. As our premier partners you get a special help desk for technical issues and 1 on 1 marketing reviews of your entire marketing process for the Credit Repair Intelligence System!

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45% Commissions

Personal Partner Portal

Basic Marketing Materials

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Personal Partner Portal

Custom Marketing Materials

Full CRIS Access

Personal Partner Portal

Custom Marketing Materials

Platinum Help Desk

Full CRIS Access

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